Friday, 4 February 2011

Tast of "Touched"...

As i am in college one of my assignments was called Touched. It came from the idea of the Liverpool Biennial exhibition and i visited the exhibition to get my inspiration for my art work. I came across many drawings and paintings and seen the ammount of artists that got involved in putting this event together.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Biennial exhibition...

The Liverpool Biennial exhibition is one of the largest and one of the most exciting contemporary visual arts events in the UK. It was recorded to have scored at least 960,000 visits in 2008 which is quite amazing and to know that i was one of them is also exciting! So i'm guessing that is was a very succsessful event. Unfortunatly if you didnt get to attend the Biennial as it finished on 28th November there is a book that is being published in March this year. If you are interested i personally would go on the website and im sure there is plenty of information!
As i went to the exhibition myself i found it really interesting. There was not only art formed on canvas but there was also objects and media as in films getting showed in different areas of Liverpool. I took plenty of photos...obviously...and below are a few that i would like to share.

Friday, 14 January 2011

It's bloggers all round!

Blogs are getting more important each year, and to the fashion industry they are everything. From bloggers on the front row of catwalk shows to just being at a computer screen we can find out the latest trends, styles and colours within seconds due to live stream information  including up to date posts, images and videos from the very moment in time of them being delivered in the runway. The impact of blogs is very important to the future and to the fashion industry as they are becoming the most viewed and most popular for quick access information on the go. Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, News letters, live news feeds and online magazines are also very important and very much needed as they also give us up to date information. Eventually in possibly years to come, blogs will be everything to most people especially to those working in the area of fashion. Due to blogs and social sites, magazines are not doing so well, as Tierra Wilson posted from The Fashion Techie “they are dropping like flies”. As much effort that goes in to the publication, most people now just want to click away and read the latest blogs whilst working, traveling or maybe sitting on the sofa instead of buying a magazine and reading them. This will have a great impact on many fashion magazine companies and therefore they need new strategies to keep their audiences interested. Many bloggers have made themselves “internet famous” such as Tavi Gevinson who is a well known major fashion blogger and Susanna Lau who is also a well known fashion blogger. In months and years to come and to this present day, the number of not just fashion bloggers but every other typical blogger is massively increasing. So what we really want to know is “How are bloggers important to the fashion industry?” They create new communication and reach wide audiences delivering free and different information. They keep people informed whilst keeping current trend forecasts and they provide stylists and designers with new ideas and inspiration providing them with their own genuine opinions. An innovator also comes from bloggers and they trickle up coming from instant live stream collections.

Tavi Gevinson, the youngest fashion blogger who travels around the world to many fashion shows with great inspiration and ideas.

Susanna Lau, rated as one of the best fashion bloggers.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Start of a christmas wish list!

As my current phone is driving me nuts i am in desperate need of a new one! This LG Optimus one with google smartphone has got everything i need to suit my need's, it has many app's from Facebook Twitter, Foursquare, Email and certainly much much more. I will say that is is the new LBP!!
So this is one of the few fashion book's that i want for Christmas. As from the front cover this book gives an insight of all of the possible fashion careere's and many fashion tips from a range of designers, stylist, photographers and models. Just last week i went to buy it and i was unfortunate to find that waterstones had sold out completly so, i found another small creative book that i flicked through it was called "how to read fashion" as i skimmed the pages there was lots of images and information and style tips that i seen so straight away i was interested so i had the book bought for me for christmas.......still want to get my hands on "the teen vogue hand book"!!!

Friday, 26 November 2010

The launch of 'Reformation'!

Yael Aflalo
There is a new launch coming to town by creative fashion designer Yael Aflalo. She is introducing her new collection 'The Reformation' in the UK at Urban Outfitters on 8th December. She originally started out by making small skirts and seling them to make a bit of profit and the she went to New York originally coming from Los Angeles and here she found her desire to design collections for Urban Outfitters. Her new collection 'The Reformation' is very well creativly expressed, she takes vintage garments cleans them and takes them apart then puts them back together, she also creates new styles from vintage fabrics.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Gok's Roadshow!

So as you can see this is a photo i managed to get of Gok Wan whilst working with him for a few days whilst he was filming his new episode in Liverpool of Goks Roadshow which will be frist shown in january, on the first day i helped to promote his fashion show that was taking place on the friday and on the thursday i did a mix of workshops with him whilst he was preparing for his high street collections, i creativly watched him style the models with a range of garments from high end high street stores from the likes of Top shop and Kurt Geiger. Unfortunatley no pictures were allowed. He did a few looks with us including 70's evening wear and Alpine knits.

Ok, so this was the friday evening and i only managed to get these photo's as the collections were difficult to see from a distance and there i was standing in the freezing cold with my lips turning blue, waiting for Gok Wan to get the show on the road. After two amazing days of learning new style tips with Gok helping out with PR and workshops i was excited to be filming once again but this time lost in the crown and to see what the final outcome would bring.......
Well what is the one thing people talk about when they vist Liverpool "the accent", "OH MY GOKK" (he said over the microphone in our scouse accent) the crowd went wild screaming and shouting cheering him on and to be perfectly honest i find it quite amusing!!!